The Judgment Day NFT collection consists of 1000 NFTs in a forty card deck featuring stunning visuals by international artist Marina Berlin.

DROP 2 is live! With an amazing new set of cards, 24 unique backgrounds and new magickal symbols!


THE BASICS The deck is divided into four suits (“elementals”) with cards numbered 1 to 10 – corresponding to the number of the song in album order. Each card also contains a spirit animal (“familiar”) and a magickal implement (“talisman”).

Here’s an example: the 1 of Air with a Swallow familiar and Key talisman. The number 1 on the bottom left indicates the number of the song in album order, e.g. song #1 is the opening number If This Goes On…

In the initial drop, there are six familiars and six talismans. Additional ones will be introduced as the collection unfolds, and some may not show up in a particular drop– but the more rare items (such as unicorns– yes we have unicorns!) will continue to be rare as the traits are rebalanced from drop to drop.

RARE ELEMENTALS There are also rare elementals in each drop! One per element. Rare elementals have a tattoo or other adornment, such as this lightning tattoo on the Fire elemental:

1 OF 1’s There will also be a handful of 1/1’s in the collection! Drop #1 will have a single 1/1 and it is going to be a very special piece of art created by Marina.

Judgment Day is a work of magick and mysticism… and we have designed an NFT collection to match!

Think of this collection as an oracle to help you through our troubled times – a divination tool for the Metaverse, with the elementals as the Guardian goddesses, guiding us on our path forward. Combine them with the familiars and talismans, the occasional rare element – and maybe a few other surprise cards this summer 😮 – and you have an indispensable tool for navigating the past, present and future. And it’s one of the most gorgeous card decks ever designed!

Finally… not to give away too much alpha, but expect readings and divinations from myself and select members of our web3 fam to be part of the community fun this summer. And maybe even some extra oracle utility!


The next drop happens 18-October-2023, featuring the four more songs from the collection!