Judgment Day is a musical about love and the end of the world.

Thomas Judge is an avowed agnostic tortured by all the trouble in world and his own powerlessness to do anything about it. Thomas becomes romantically involved with Maggie Morningstar, a deeply religious woman. Maggie is convinced that the end of the world as predicted in The Book of the Revelation is drawing near, and resolves to help Thomas find his way to faith before the coming apocalypse. As the two develop a close relationship, high drama unfolds on the world stage.

Global catastrophe is imminent. The political tensions of the early 21st century have reached an all-time high, and governments are turning to extreme measures to exert control. Marshall Law, a war hero turned politician, is running for U.S. president on a platform of order and security. A new anarchist movement, led by the zealous Peter, is dedicated to fighting globalization by any means necessary. Natural disasters and epidemics continually threaten large portions of the population. On top of all this, astronomers have discovered that a huge flying object, presumed to be a comet, is headed toward Earth and may be on a collision course. Humanity surely seems doomed.

Out of this chaos, a new messianic movement emerges led by a pop star named Psi. Psi heralds the coming of a prophet who will lead humanity away from its disastrous path and toward a bright new future. The prophet, known only as THE ONE, soon arrives and promises to help the people of Earth to transcend their petty differences– if only they can renounce their religious and irrational ways. Millions decide to take him up the offer: THE ONE is crowned King of the World, a benevolent dictator ruling a secular world government.

This Faustian bargain doesn’t last long. The rule of THE ONE turns to malign despotism, and the people of Earth realize that they have traded their freedom for an empty promise of security. Devout Christians are now certain that he is a false prophet– likely the Antichrist prophesied in Revelation– and that it is actually the time of the Tribulation, where the faithful will have to prove themselves through martyrdom. As the show draws to a conclusion, each of the characters’ most cherished ideas is tested, and everyone is forced to take a side in an ultimate battle between good and evil. At curtain, Thomas is the sole survivor– and the audience is left to wonder if this whole thing was the product of his tortured mind.