(There Shall Be) Peace On Earth


I’m delighted to share that the first single from Judgment Day, the album, is live on major streaming services. Listen now.

Is there any more iconic pop ditty from the 1970’s than I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing? The song, and the Hillside TV commercial it was based on (fun fact: it was a Coke jingle first!), with doe-eyed, thick-maned, white turtleneck-clad hippies singing a message of love, are permanently burned into my brain from childhood.

It’s a new day: a happy group spreads the word of love, peace and harmony.

This is the vibe I was tuned into when Peace on Earth sprung into my head one day more or less in complete form while thinking about the plot development for Act II. The second act opens with a host of singers on a hill– right out of the Hillside commercial, styled similarly– singing a message of love, hope and a brand new day. It’s a truly joyous song (the only one in the whole musical), though in the context of the plot, the lyrics drip with irony, because everything goes downhill fast and for the remainder of Act II. Musically, it’s straight ahead pop with a catchy melody and driving beat, majestic rhythm guitars, and keyboards and horns evocative of 1970’s jazz-pop groups like Chicago. Featuring myself, the amazing IVA, and cast of thousands on vocals.