Drop 2 Is Out! MINTING NOW


Fam, Drop 2 from the NFT collection is live! Featuring the next four tracks from the collection, 24 new backgrounds and a new familiar and talisman.

The Songs

Drop 1 featured the opening track, If This Goes On… in a batch of 100 NFTs.

Drop 2 has the next 4 tracks: Prepare Yourself  News of the World  Order, Order, Order! and I Want to Believe in a batch of 400 NFTs (100 per song). Drop 2 takes us further into the story, starting with Maggie and her church group spreading the good news in the park, then to a newscast and political rally, then Marshall Law’s goons busting up a nightclub riot, and finally, Thomas’ dark night of the soul, lamenting that he wishes he could believe in anything. The plot is hurtling toward the end of Act One and you won’t want to miss these tracks, or the action.

The NFTs

My artist partner Marina Berlin has absolutely outdone herself with the new background art!

Drop 1 featured 8 unique backgrounds, six familiars and six talismans. Drop 2 adds 24 new backgrounds and a new familiar and talisman.

Reminder that the collection is structured as an oracle deck, with the deck divided into four suits (“elementals”), cards numbered according to the song’s position in the collection (e.g. the 2 cards come with the track Prepare Yourself), and special animals (“familiars”) and symbols (“talismans”) that are randomly combined with the underlying card. When you mint, you may get any of the four songs, and of the four elementals (or their rare variants, e.g. water with an anchor tattoo) and one familiar and talisman each.

For example, here is token #104 from Drop 2 – which is in my personal stash:

Beautiful, isn’t she? She is the 5 of air with a swallow familiar and a balance talisman. We don’t have room in this post to get into all of the magickal aspects of this card, but in brief, this card represents a conflict of the mind, or in the realm of thought. Along with the swallow and balance it suggests taking a long and measured look at the situation and cautions not to rush into action.

Collectors of Judgment Day NFTs get readings like the above in regularly held X spaces. Come join the family and we’ll read yours!!!

The Project

In addition to the amazing music (if I do say so), the jaw-dropping art and the divination readings, this project has all other kinds utility. The ultimate goal is to use the proceeds from the NFT project to take Judgment Day 🎵FROM THE BLOCKCHAIN TO BROADWAY 🎶 and along the way, as a collector you can take part in holder-only events such as Zoom table readings and workshop viewings and Discord live stream performances.

👀 You can read more about the project on the roadmap page.

I’m so excited for this new drop! We are already minting at a solid pace. Come join our collector family!