It’s been a long road from the initial concept, to the writing of the show, to recording the demos and the studio album. Over fifteen years! And now we’re getting ready to launch the NFT collection to take Judgment Day to the next step. You, the collectors, are going to help make history by funding the first musical to be launched on the blockchain – and we’re going to take the proceeds from the project to bring this show to the live stage!

The album – available on streamers for a LIMITED TIME ONLY

From late 2021 to late 2022, producer Gregg Leonard and I recorded the Judgment Day studio album with an ensemble cast and session musicians. The album contains 16 songs of the full 21 songs from the musical.

The entire album will be live on Spotify and Apple Music presently for everyone’s listening enjoyment. BUT it’s all coming down after the collection sells out! That’s right… once all of the NFTs have been purchased, these versions of the Judgment Day songs will come down from streaming services forever. They will only be available to purchasers of the NFT collection or via other web3 mechanisms (e.g. token-gated live streams).

A year of NFTs

The Judgment Day NFT collection consists of 1000 NFTs in a forty card oracle deck featuring stunning visuals by international artist Marina Berlin and powered by the incredibly gifted WeiZ from MintBoss. Each NFT comes with one of 10 songs from the album.

We are rolling out this collection a bit differently from other notable music NFT projects: we will be dropping songs in batches, in album order, throughout the year. Each song corresponds to a numbered card (from 1 to 10), can be one of four suits (“elementals”), and contain special spirit animals (“familiars”) and magickal implements (“talismans”) – as well as some very rare elementals and special surprises all summer long. There will also be a handful of 1/1’s. Think of this collection as an oracle to help you through our troubled times – or at the very least, one of the most gorgeous card decks you’ve ever seen. Check out the artwork!

NFTs will be priced at 0.05ETH and minted on the Ethereum blockchain from this website. Each drop will have an allow list with 10% discount.

DROPS BEGIN 11-July-2023 and end early 2024!

Drop 1: SOLD OUT
Drop 2: Presale 18-Oct-2023 Public 19-Oct-2023

Preliminary utility can be found here.

A one-of-a-kind theatrical event

Our series of drops will culminate in a week-long live theater event! Details TBD but it will most likely take place on Discord over a series of evenings where we will livestream 3 to 4 songs a night along with visuals, follow-along lyrics, backstory and libretto, and AMAs with Tony, the producer and select cast members. Watch this space for details.

An ongoing experiment in musical theater

Once we’ve paid the developer, the visual artist, the project lead and the artist, any remaining proceeds from the project are going to be treated as seed funding for developing a live theater event. This could take on the form of traditional theater, immersive theater, online broadcasts, interactive games, VR and AR… or all of the above. Tony and his Tribunal (top collectors with the required utility) will determine the priorities for the project and the use of funds going forward. Tony will post the splits and an initial project budget shortly.

NEW The virtual end of the virtual world

Get ready for a big year for this project! We are starting to develop the online world for Judgment Day – our spatial place in the Metaverse to explore all things spiritual and apocalyptic.

It all begins with our Discord server – so join up! This is where we will develop the channels, clans and discussions that are going to bring this show to life, virtually. Some channels are restricted to NFT holders and Tribunal members only. And as we start to incorporate special NFT drops specific to the virtual world, there will be even more restricted channels, more utility, and of course, more fun! Over time, we are going to build a rich and fully interactive 3D world, and in-headset VR experiences for the Apple Vision Pro, Meta Quest, and other mixed reality hardware.

The Discord is also where all the important project alpha is going to get dropped going forward (sorry, X, but you’re a little too… apocalyptic to rely on for ongoing communication…). So make sure to join up so that you won’t miss any news about this one-of-a-kind project.